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ID Card Solutions



Our company core business currently exists with Identification Card Solutions, Supplies, Accessories and Services. We are an ENTRUST DATACARD DISTRIBUTION PARTNER for selling and supporting the Datacard brand with the SD, SR & CR model Printers. We also support other brands such as Fargo, Zebra and Magi Card.


We provide all the repairs and maintenance services to the devices that we support, along with the required Training and Consultation. There is a professional team of experienced Technicians representing the company to satisfy all your ID Card Solutions Needs.












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As counterfeiting and alteration attempts have grown more sophisticated, so have the card security features that let you easily verify identity and authenticity. The Datacard® SD, SR & CR Line of  Card Printers delivers everything you need to increase the security and durability, and quality of your ID cards. With this reliable suite of options that ranges from simplex, duplex,  & all-in-one printer, encoder, and laminator, you can add unique personalization features and secure overlays to help resist fraud plus you can produce cards that last longer, helping you avoid costly


Get all of the innovative features of the Datacard SD, SR & CR Card Printers, plus these following unique advantages: 

  • Boost card security with the unique and customizable tactile impression feature

  • Improve the look of your cards and meet stringent standards with the inline de-bower

  • Increase efficiency with faster throughput and greater reliability.

Other ID Card Solutions, Accessories & Supplies:

We carry a wide variety of solutions, supplies and accessories to compliment our ID Card Printer portfolio. We only sell ID Card Products from the Industry's leading manufacturers so that we benefit from their high quality and performance, which helps us to continue maintain our high level of customer's satisfaction.

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We are the leading local supplier for a wide variety of PVC Card that ranges from:

  • Plain White CR80 PVC Card

  • Coloured CR80 PVC Card

  • Magnetic Stripe Card

  • Signature Panel Card

  • Printable Adhesive Card

  • Proximity Cards

    • Printable Plain Card

    • Clamshell Card    

  • Pre-Printed Customized Card 

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